Sterling Silver Black Star Diopside Ring size 7.25


Sterling Silver Star of India Ring

Sterling Silver Black Star Diopside Ring size 7.25




—band width is .12″at the shank widening to 1″ at the top.

—oval Black Star Diopside gem measures .25″ long, by .24″ wide and slightly over .25″ high

—stamped .925




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Sterling Silver Black Star Diopside Ring sz 7
~Designed in Nepal

This Sterling Silver Star Diopside Ring has a beautiful pattern of eight spirals forming together with leaves on each end in an open filigree design.

At the center of this pattern is a lovely oval Black Star Diopside cabochon. This ring is very wide, and on each side points in to a “v” shape.

Black Star Diopside exhibits a star like phenomenon known as Asterism. These stones contain inclusions in the form of needles that align to produce the white 4-rayed star. It is unique in this sense because it is the only gemstone to exhibit a 4-rayed star.

Black Star Diopsides is quite often confused with Black Star Sapphires, or Star of India. However, the sure-fire way to differentiate the two stones is by viewing the rays of the star.

A Black Star Diopside will exhibit four rays whereas the Black Star Sapphire will exhibit six (occasionally twelve), rays.

This difference is caused by the physical make-up of each of the stones and the presence of a different number of crystal faces for the light to refract off of.

A gorgeous ring that can be worn anytime.

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Diopside is associated as a birthstone for the month of March, click here for the meaning of this Gemstone.


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