Jewelry Education

Jewelry Education

Jewelry Education

Back in 1985 when I had my little Antique and Collectibles Shop I was very involved in purchasing and selling Costume and Antique Jewelry. This continued on for 20 years.

Upon my retirement I needed something to do. An opportunity came my way, which, low and behold was one of my most favorite of my past business, selling Jewelry.

This time it was new Jewelry.

I sourced my options and met with, and started my new business relationships with Importers and Designers of Sterling Silver Jewelry from around the world.

My knowledge was deep with this field and have since those days learned so much more about Sterling Silver Jewelry along with Gemstones and other interesting tidbits.

I love to share my knowledge and I hope through this page you find at least something that you did not know yourself.


Cheers always


Birthstone Jewelry Chart


Caring for Your Sterling Silver Jewelry

Bracelet and Watch Sizing

Chain Lengths


Jewelry Quotes and Poems

Meaning of Gems and Stones

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