About Double Dragon Jewelry

Hello and welcome to my online Double Dragon Jewelry Shop!!

I am so glad you took a moment to stop by to find out more about me, and about Double Dragon Jewelry, one of  my passions in life.

As you are here on my website, you must love beautiful Sterling Silver Jewelry.  And as you can see, so do I~so allow me to introduce myself.

Double Dragon Jewelry owner

My name is Cindy and for 20 years of my life, I operated my own retail business selling Antiques and Collectables.

Along side with the Antiques and Collectable furniture, my inventory included large showcases of beautiful Vintage Jewelry from the 1920-50’s.  

I met customers from around the world, and when the tourists arrived each summer they would literately wipe out my showcases full of Jewelry. That was in 1985-1993.  At that time I had two shops, both in the middle of beautiful downtown Victoria, B.C. each just a few blocks away.

These customers would leave my shop and head to my other.  I would call my brother Allen who was my partner at the time to say our customers were on their way.  What a rush and exciting time that was.  In 1996 I moved out to Langford, just 20 minutes from downtown, where I was asked to manage the Jacklin Road Trading Post, which was known at the time as Victoria’s biggest Antique Mall.

My shop was on the top level with a variety of smaller shops in the lower level. It was a great 20 years all in all, but after one very major surgery I decided it was time to retire.

It wasn’t too long after, when my good friend Brenda asked me to join her in selling Sterling Silver Jewelry. I needed to do something to keep me busy and this offer came around at the perfect time. I had great knowledge in the business world, along with many connections, and with Brenda, well between the two of us, we knew lot’s of people.

It was my brother Allen (my past business partner) who introduced us to Sterling Silver Jewelry from Bali.  He had just started his own importing company and asked us if we would like to see the Jewelry he had brought back with him on his last trip?

Well, we were sold!!  Balinese Sterling Silver Jewelry was so well made. Each piece had spectacular gemstones and the silver-work was very intricately designed.

That was when we decided to focus on Jewelry from different Countries.

It took us a few years, but once we found what we liked, and felt were very reliable sources, we formed close friendships with each one of our Importers and Designers. All together 9 Countries where chosen. You can view them and the chosen Jewels here: Bali, Canada, Chile, India, Israel, Mexico, Nepal, Poland and Thailand.

At least a couple of times a year we hand pick what we feel are some of the more unique and beautiful pieces. Jewelry we knew our customers would love.

Selling Sterling Silver Jewelry became our passion and all our friends loved the Jewelry that we brought home for them.

Double Dragon Jewelry Ltd was founded in 2008.

Together we showcased our Jewels through Home Parties and Fund Raising Shows, selling countless pieces of Jewelry to many happy customers.

We decided to take the next step and go global in September 2010.

December 2011, Brenda and I decided to part ways. We are still BFF’s, but she pursued other interest and I continued on this fun and exciting journey by myself.

That was when my wonderful husband Myles, who supports me in everything I do, gave up part of his workshop and turned it into a beautiful Cottage Studio.  This allowed me to continue showcasing my Jewels to my friends and customers. When I walk through those doors, it is like a dream,~after all a room full of Jewelry~what girl wouldn’t love that!!


And when the sun spills through those windows and skylight the Jewelry sparkles beautifully as if bringing each piece to life. And that is truly glorious………………………….

Studio March 2014 558 (2)


Earlier I mentioned a major surgery~well in my life I have had many.  I was born with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis.  All of my life The Arthritis Society has been there for me during my most painful years helping me with physio and pain management.  Now that I am older, I wanted to “give back” so I contacted The Arthritis Society of Canada, and a plan came together.

Please click on the following link to read my story and see how you, as a customer, helps to bring awareness to those who suffer with this disease. Charitable Partner to The Arthritis Society of Canada

This Jewelry business keeps me alive and focused everyday. It truly is my passion and I am very proud of each piece of Sterling Silver Jewelry I showcase here on my website.  I absolutely love working both at home and online and interacting with customers all over the world.

Through the past years I have spread my knowledge of Sterling Silver Jewelry through many Social Networks.

I hope you join me on the following Social Media platforms as you will see everyday listings, pictures, and updates to Double Dragon  Jewelry Ltd that you may not find on this website.

And if you do stop by, make sure you say Hello!!



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Each day when I awake, I begin my day with a grateful heart. 

I hope life brings you much Happiness, good Health, and lot’s of Laughter.

Thank you so much for popping by.

Cheers always

Cindy Braid

Your Silver Jewelry Specialist


A few Kudos from my very happy customers……………………

Isobel Holland    February 26, 2013   

I received through the post today the beautiful sea horse pendant that I ordered only 6 days ago. (I live in the UK.) I just wanted to say what a great personal service you provide. You responded to all my e-mails so promptly and it was a joy to do business with you. I look forward to placing my next order!

Carolyn    July 2, 2015   

Hi Cindy, Thank you for the Native Bear Necklace. I love the detailed work in this small piece of fine jewelry. Thank you for your attention to personal customer service, you dont get that kind of service everywhere. The package arrived safe and sound in no time at all. Thank you Cindy, I love this shop!

Patty    June 26, 2012   

Quick response from Cindy on all inquiries. She made sure to send an order out quickly and it arrived in Mississauga in a week by regular post. Lovely packaging for gift giving that does not add to the shipping cost. Was offered a discount on my next purchase.

Beautiful jewelry with great service. Would buy from here again.

Catherine Andrews    May 14, 2016   

After months of searching for a specific pair of earrings for a friend, I found Cindy's site. The earrings were virtually identical to the ones we had stolen (in fact we all thought they were better finished than the original.) They were absolutely beautiful, she was ecstatic). I found Cindy to be totally honest, the product true to photos, postage well within time allowance & just an all around positive experience using this site. I would highly recommend shopping here, in fact I will be purchasing the same earrings for my sister who fell in love with these. Do yourself a favour, rather than being taken, on some of those Chinese sites, shop here.

Tammy Pool    September 22, 2012   

Well, what can I say!? Probably not enough space here to write everything I'd like, BUT to put my experience in a nutshell.....excellent silver jewelry, very unique, amazing service (the owner, shipping, etc), and "scary" for my husband, LOL! I have only just begun, as I'm on the site daily and there are many more items I want! You just don't see these pieces anywhere else, quality or originality! Just do it!! 🙂

Joanne    December 18, 2011   

Wow, great website - I am so glad that I can now browse on line to see what fabulous piece I can pick up! I love going to your shows, seeing the amazing selection that you carry, but this is wonderfully easy to use to pick up just the right gift when I need it! I want you to know I don't bother buying jewelry from any other source, why would I ?? You have it all in spades!!

Thanks so much for the opportunity to let you know how much I love your lines and making it so much easier to buy!! Good luck with the new website,

Sue McMahon    May 24, 2012    UK   

I have travelled to many countries but I find myself coming back to Double Dragon Jewelry. I have bought a few pieces from Cindy over the years and what makes me go back for more is the originality of the jewellery, the competitive prices but above all the customer service you receive. Favourite pieces have been from Israel.

Tara    February 20, 2015    Saskachewan   

Well Cindy - your jewelry sure speaks for itself. A while ago I had bought a beautiful circular pendant with flowers in it. A beautiful piece that never fails to catch people's attention. Just yesterday I had two people wanting it within an hour! Yes - this is just one of the many pieces that I got from you that are so beautiful. Love them all! Thank you Cindy for your awesome jewelry and service. You have a customer for life!

Shell Vera    October 28, 2013    U.S.   

I have ordered a few things from Cindy and have loved her customer service from day one. She has become a good friend since I have interacted with her and learned more about her products and business. From quality bracelets to a beautiful pendant and necklace, I have been satisfied with every purchase. My daughter has worn several of my bracelets, which usually means I need to order new ones - but these have withstood even a five-year-olds daily wear and tear. I will be back many times to order more! Thank you Cindy for the great service, wonderful shipping speed, and excellent quality! ~Shell Vera

Suzy    March 25, 2015   

I have acquired some beautiful jewellery from Double Dragon and the last two pieces that I received are especially pretty. Great customer service thank you 🙂

Donatella Pastura    May 28, 2016   

Dear Cindy, dear double dragon costumers and surfers,
I live in Italy and since I can't afford travelling, but I'm fond of jewellery from other parts of the world, I subscribed the newsletter last summer. Surprislingly at Christmas I found out I was the winner of the snowflake earrings and I was very pleased of that! As soon as I received them my daughters asked me to wear them and I still haven't had the oppotunity of doing it, but I'm sure I will!
They are lovely and finely made.

Neva    November 2, 2011   

I have been shopping with Double Dragon Jewelry since they first started their business. Over the years I have purchased approx. 30 pieces from them. The Jewels are stunning!!! There's not a day I walk out the door without a piece on, and I'm always receiving compliments. I look forward to seeing what's new!!

Chris    January 26, 2011   

Came upon a showing of their jewelry by chance in Victoria. (I'm from the other end of the island) Bought some; Love the pieces; Good quality! and now I have this wonderful website to pick out some more. Good job Cindy!

Violetta    June 21, 2014   

Cindy is such a kind Person and the jewels are perfect. I'd bye something everytime again. Thanks Cindy

Tony Thunderfoot    June 10, 2011   

i'd like to take a moment here as a customer to express my happy biusness transaction with Double Dragon,i was quite happy and content with the great helpfulness of Cindy in regards to her kind and courteous service,and also the great gift i purchased(butterfly earings) for my sweety Katie,in my closing statement i'd recommend to anyone the fine service & unique jewelry that Double Dragon has to offer....yours truly (((THUNDERFOOT)))

Title of Testimonial Beautiful Jewels  
Author *Laura Lynn    January 6, 2017   

Testimonial * I have many pieces of beautiful jewelry from Double Dragon. Each one is just gorgeous. Cindy always finds the most beautiful pieces from around the world!

Karen j    March 4, 2015   

absolutely lovely cat pendant, great value and fast delivery.

Jane    September 26, 2012   

My husband and I were are Cindy's today to pickup a lovely turquoise pendant and earrings. We found my husband's mother Christmas gift as well. What an amazing display of silver jewelry... Thanks Cindy... Cheer Jane and Stu

Laura Lynn    February 23, 2012   

I have purchased many pieces from Double Dragon. All are gorgeous and I receive many compliments when wearing them. If you aren't lucky enough to see them in person before buying rest assured they are even more beautiful in real life!

Rose Anne Burdeny    December 19, 2012   

First time buyer here! Cindy responded immediately to my query and even tempted me into placing my order and I'm not sorry I did. THREE days later I have my sister's gift, lovely Thailand silver dragonfly earrings. It was not guaranteed to arrive before Christmas so you can imagine my surprise today upon receiving them and only regular mail!

Thank you Cindy and I'll be sure to order from you again and if I'm every out your way will stop in for in person temptation!!!

Linda M    October 4, 2013   

Just received my order of bracelet & earrings, all beautiful & as described, I am pleased. Promptly delivered as well, thank you Cindy.

Tammy Pool    July 14, 2012    Canada   

Well, here I am again!! Just received a gorgeous watch from Israel through Cindy! LOVE is the word!! Third time dealing with her, and will continue to do so!! It's all good for anyone questioning the quality, trust, etc, of this company! Honest....don't hesitate in ordering anything from here!! 🙂

Karen Dugan    April 21, 2013    Montana USA   

Cindy, great web site. I looked for over a year to find just the right cross pendant & when I saw the eagle cross pendant by Chance Gesinghaus I knew the search was over.Got it yesterday & it's beautiful...Chance has a wonderful talent & great future & your personal service is awesome. Thanks to everyone. Karen

Robert Stanton    June 19, 2014   

Hello Cindy. It was good catching up with you, and the silver jewellery pieces for Jill and I are stunning. Both of us are very pleased with our treasures.I am looking at being a repeat buyer from you, I especially like the bear claw necklace, by Nancy Dawson. Thank you again for the personal attention from both you and Miles.

Rosie    June 5, 2011   

What a beautiful ring - I've never seen purple and blue turquoise, and this has gold veins running through the stone. Exquisite! Shipping was fast, from Canada to Oregon, and Cindy is friendly and helpful.

Jackie McAvoy    January 5, 2016   

This company is awesome and so is the lady who owns it! This is an honest and trustworthy Co that you can feel good about ordering from. I do have to say when I first saw all of the jewelry I wore gold only. I have never worn silver. That has all changed since I was turned on to these gorgeous jewels & silver from all over the worldl

Toresa Slater    December 27, 2012   

Hi have to thank you for the awesome service!! We ordered a gift late and you managed to not only wrap it beautifully and ship it out for us, you also somehow got it delivered before Christmas so we were able to open it up with Little Talyia on Skype. It was amazing. You went above and beyond and I will be recommending you to everyone:)

Thank you for making our Christmas even more special!


Beverly    October 20, 2013    Victoria   

Just admiring- no drooling- over my latest stunning ring and matching earrings!! Thank you Cindy for importing such gorgeous jewelry!!!

Judy    December 8, 2010   

Judy on December 18, 2010 at 8:52 AM said:

I have been a customer of double dragon for several years now, and have enjoyed many beautiful pieces. The quality is excellent, and I have gotten many compliments on how unique some of the pieces are. I just love this new web site!( although I don't think it does the jewelry justice ) If you've never been to one of there shows, check this out, you will very surprised how affordable and what a great selection they have! Way to go Cindy

CAROL G. VOORHEES    January 3, 2016   


very pleased the pendant is gorgeous  
sylvie    December 19, 2016   

Thank you, so very much. The crystal pendant is gorgeous I plan on wearing this everyday.
The size is nice the workmanship is awesome. Many thanks.

Carolyn    June 4, 2015   

Hello Cindy, Thank you so much for the Howling Wolf Necklace. It arrived on time and was carefully packaged. It's beautifully made and the attention to detail is amazing. I think I could be addicted to this shop. Thanks again Cindy, I love it!

Linda    December 19, 2010   

I have been buying unique jewelry from Double Dragon Jewelry for over four years and I always find great quality for very reasonable prices. I never buy mass produced jewelry in a store anymore and I wear their pieces over and over because they are my favorites. Best of luck marketing with your new website.

Spoiled for Others  
Trisha N.    November 19, 2016   

I'm in love with all of the unique, one of a kind jewelry pieces that I now have from Double Dragon Jewelry! I admit it...I am now addicted to Cindy's collections. I just received my latest shipment from one of those monthly stylist companies. In this month's box was a necklace. One look at it and I knew I was returning it. I have become spoiled by Cindy's jewelry and am so excited to continue growing my small collection of her pieces!

Terri    September 18, 2014   

Terri on August 18, 2014 at 2:04 PM said:

I ordered the mandala pendant with a peridot. I couldn't be more pleased! The pendant was more beautiful in person than in the picture! I wear it often and have received many compliments on it.

Cindy is very friendly and adds a personal touch. I received my order quite quickly and it was very well packaged so there was little chance of any damage.

Thank you Cindy. I look forward to your new website and seeing what else I can order!

Amanda S    November 10, 2013    Australia   

Amanda S on November 10, 2013 at 6:55 PM said:

Have now received my absolutely beautiful silver watch. The filigree work is just gorgeous, and it fits perfectly. A very, very special piece. Thanks so much for your trouble Cindy. And I'm delighted to see that 10% of your sales go to the Arthritis Society. Keep up the great work!

Tammy Pool    October 23, 2013    Saskachewan   

Ok! My comments is this: you can NOT go wrong with any of Cindy's jewelry! I think I've lost count of how many items I've purchased. Not only is it the best silver I've seen, but the personal touch goes above and beyond! I'm waiting on another set to arrive as I'm writing this! Pics will be forthcoming!! Trust me....try something from this site!! ??

katie    September 4, 2014   

Every piece is Unique, and Stunning, makes my gift shopping fun & easy even for the Man in my life, he loves his chains of sterling silver, and shows off his Cross at his band gigs !!....

Tatiana L    June 17, 2014    France   

Hello Cindy! I had received the flower filigree sterling silver watch from Israel in indicated delay and I am absolutely satisfied with it, it is magnificent! I admire your taste and wish you good luck in future. Thanks again.

Carolyn    February 10, 2016   

This shop is absolutely amazing! I love to look through this website and always find something I fall in love with, and I have adored every piece I have purchased. The personal service, the quality of the jewellery and the quick delivery is second to none. This is without a doubt, one of my favourite places to shop. Thank you Cindy, you have a customer for life!

Karon    June 10, 2011   

Luv this stuff!! I have been adding to my collection from Double Dragon for years... since they first started out. The items keep getting better and better!! Thanks

Renate    February 21, 2015   

Bought some lovely dolphin earings as a gift. My friend loves them and wears them all the time. Quality was excellent! Thank you for your wonderful jewellery and quick service!

Jaye    May 16, 2014   

Hi Cindy , I just love my new ring the mystical topaz , look forward to wearing my new hand pounded in Israel with the heart shaped opal that I purchase from you last week . Can't wait for your next party !!!

Thanks again

Title of Testimonial  
Garry Pederson    October 29, 2016   

This is the 3rd or 4th time I have ordered from Double Dragon Jewelry and once again I wasn't disappointed. The bracelet was just like it showed in the picture and the delivery was super fast. I would highly recommend Double Dragon Jewelry to anyone who likes sterling silver jewelry.


Laura Shumard    January 13, 2013   

I just got my "Sterling Silver Earrings with Copper-Filled Mohave Turquoise". Oh my goodness they are even more stunning in person! You truly have the most beautiful treasures at such reasonable prices. Each piece I have purchased from you is a favourite. Thanks so much Cindy, as always I am a very happy customer.

Tara    November 5, 2013   

I had been looking at Cindy's beautiful jewelry and then jumped in and bought 3 of her rings. They are absolutely beautiful!! Cindy was very friendly and professional and I KNOW we will be doing more business in the near future. Looking forward to seeing the new pieces she brings in!!

Katy B    October 27, 2011   

Can't wait to P/U my Silver Musical Notes next week 😉 I know I will find something Fabulous for my Sister in laws birthday too !!!!

Lorna    May 14, 2015   

I recently bought a crystal orb from Cindy & it was delivered in record time! I love the quality & unique jewelry she carries. Plus awesome customer service!!!
Thanks Cindy!

Kaz Windmill    May 12, 2014   

I love my ear curls, and quite a few other items also shown. Excellent service, I expected a time delay living in the Uk and was pleasantly surprised as to his quickly my order arrived, despite me changing some if the beads to suit my taste. Thank you Cindy, I will be back when funds permit

Sandy M    April 13, 2014   

Over the past few years I have found many perfect gifts for the special people in my life. Because Cindy's jewellery is one of a kind, I have occasionally had the moral dilemma of ensuring the intended recipient actually received the gift, not me!

Fraser H    October 31, 2011   

Hi, I looked over a few hours for a gift(pendant) for my true love and I found it here at DoubleDragon. I was very impressed with the layout of the web site, my order was shipped immediately(thanks Cindy!). The pendant is beautiful, mystic and cosmic and I know she will love wearing it. Thank you again!

Julia P    May 12, 2014    New York   

So pleased with the Jewelry I received in time for Mother's Day. I have 2 very excited Moms who just love their Soul Mate Family of Love Pendants. Thank you so much I will certainly be buying from you again.

Doug and Cory    November 30, -0001   

Great website Cindy! The jewelry looks awesome and the photos are wonderful...now our friends and family from out of town can access your amazing collection and order for themselves!!! All the best!!!

lorraine littlefield    October 19, 2014   
Author Picture

i absolutely love my watch and the personal and fast service i recieved from Cindy, i live In Australia , i have had many compliments on my watch and cant wait to shop again

Amanda S    October 23, 2013    Melbourne, Australia   

Even before I received my order I was already very impressed with Cindy's personal touch - a rare thing these days. My stunning pieces arrived safe and sound, and all three took my breath away. I've had compliments galore from friends, who all want to know where they came from....and yes, I DID tell them! I'll certainly be a repeat customer - in fact, the bucket list is already drawn up. A big thankyou Cindy 🙂

The Best!!  
Susan Dignan    January 8, 2017   

All the jewellery Cindy carries is unique, beautiful and well made. I'm lucky enough to own a few pieces from her and always receive compliments when I wear them.

Suzie McMahon    March 13, 2011    UK   

On my last visit to Vancouver Island I bought a choker length necklace. The pendant is square, pounded silver with 3 opals and came from Israel and was just one of the eye-catching pieces that I treated myself to! I couldn't resist the watch from Israel, which I noticed Brenda wearing and she ordered one specially for me and shipped it over to the UK. You have managed to amass a beautiful collection of silver and I am looking forward to my next trip and my next purchase!
Suzie McMahon (UK)

Tony    January 5, 2013    Canada, Victoria   

Really like the R & R cross I got for Xmas, nice jewelry Cindy, it iz totally "rockin" :))

Garry Pederson    February 11, 2016   

My girlfriend loves sterling silver jewelry and Double Dragon Jewelry has an excellent selection to choose from and with very reasonable prices. I would also like to say that that they are a very friendly and honest company to deal with. I will definitely order from them again.