Why Is It Our Heart Starts To Flutter And Our Mind Tends To Go Aahh When Looking At This Gemstone?

What makes us love Amethyst Gemstone so much?

I know why I do.  #1~It’s my Birthstone. #2~I asked for my bedroom to be painted this color when I was 12 years old back in the 70’s.

So obviously later when I started to sell Jewelry, I was  drawn to this deep purple/lilac Gemstone in particular. It relaxes me when I hold it, when I look at it. As my Birthstone it was a given, but really it was all about the color.  I love this color, and this Gem.  Of course I have to wear it!!  One of my absolute fave pieces of Jewelry is an Amethyst Ring I wear nearly everyday.

Now this was all before I actually started to read up about Amethyst , about it’s healing properties.

And once I did, this is what I read:

It is believed that the wearer of this Birthstone will be free of health problems such as headaches, arthritis and sleeplessness. It brings relief from pain….   read more here

Well, no wonder I love this Gemstone so much!!  You see I was diagnosed at age 2 with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis.  And well, I’m thinking,  it’s going to cure me, and get rid of all my pain!!

Mmmm not so sure on this??  Fact is Gemstones have been written about for centuries that they will help in many health issues but we must all be aware that whatever we read or wherever we read it, this warning is always added.

We do not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or physical condition and is not a replacement for any medical treatment.

Funny though, I don’t have active RA anymore. Plus, I never have headaches and I sleep like a baby. Could it be from wearing that gorgeous deep purple Gemstone Amethyst Ring that I love so much?  Could it be it be the Arthritis has burnt out? Who knows~but, if that is what I believe and I feel it is making me feel better~ so be it.  Amethyst will always be my favorite no matter what. I will always  wear this Beautiful Gemstone.

It’s very interesting as I learn and write about the Legends and Meanings of Gemstones, I am choosing to wear Gemstone Jewelry that work for my particular situation at that particular time.   And I must say, there are definitely a few that do seem to work mysteriously………

Now, you  tell me~Why do you love this Gemstone so much? Or, is there another that resonates with you, and why?


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