Get Free Sterling Silver Jewelry

Bring on the Bling Online Jewelry Party

Get Free Sterling Silver Jewelry

Would you love to get free Sterling Silver Jewelry and discounts and have fun at the same time?

Why not consider hosting an online Double Dragon Jewelry, “Girls Just wanna have fun~Bring on the Bling Online Jewelry Party “?  We certainly have the technology to make this happen!!!

The idea is simple and easy and all you need is a computer or IPad, IPhone anything that gets you to this website along with all your family and friends who love Jewelry!!

You will be able to sit back, and relax in the comfort of your home, no dressing up, no worrying about a clean house, no appys or drinks.

All you need to do is make your guest list and don’t forget those that live out of your town, state, province or country. I ship everywhere!! Remember your guy friends too.  After all I’m sure they will also have someone too buy for!!

Email the event (I will help you with all the info along with the link to my website and your special discount code) share it to your Facebook Page and all other Social Media Networks you belong too. Remember the more you invite and the more they purchase the more bonuses you get.  We can host it as a FB Group (very easy to do) or FB Event also easy to do.

During the show you can join your friends on Skype, Facetime or Google Hangouts and together as a group you can go over each piece you like.  Get their ideas about what’s hot, what’s a perfect gift for you know who, show them that outfit you are trying to find that showstopper for~you know what you need to do……………

Make this Girls Just wanna have fun~Bring on the Bling Online Jewelry Party  a fun time!!

We will give them 5-10 days to view my site and place their orders.

All guests will be provided with a special purchase code that will ensure you receive all freebies and discounts. They too will receive a discount for their purchases upon ordering. All participants receive 20% off plus,  for each item they buy, they be will be entered into a draw for a Special Jewelry piece valued up to $50.00.  This item is a surprise and not yet on my site. You can even draw the name for the prize if you’d like!!

Sound good so far?

Then let’s get started as time is fast approaching and we would like all your guests to receive their purchases asap!!!

Here are the details:

***Each of your guests will be given a link to our site with a special code upon checkout. This code will be used strictly for your party and allows them their discount. It will ensure that you will receive all Party Bonuses. Your guests will have 5 days to view the site and place their orders.

***To receive the Hostess Party Bonuses, you will need a total of $200.00 in orders from your guests to qualify for your free Sterling Silver Jewelry item of your choice- Value to $50.00. (this will be calculated after their 20% off) This will also qualify you for 20% off your own order.

***During your show, your guests will also receive 20% off their order.

***When your guest’s orders tally over $500.00 you will be bumped up to 25% off your total order plus add $10.00 more to your Free Sterling Silver Jewelry Gift~Now a value of $60.00.

***Receive orders of $1,000.00 or more (after discounts) you will receive a second item valued up to $100.00 (total now in free Jewelry will be $160.00)  plus now you will get 30% off your purchases.

***If any of your guests book their own online show, and receive orders of $500.00 or more, you will receive a coupon credit code for an item valued at $40.00 to be used after their show and once all orders have been placed.

***Each person will have their purchases sent directly to their own homes-so you don’t have to worry about anything.

***Other than you doing the invite there is nothing else you need to do.

***If this sounds intriguing send me an email (contact me in the top menu) and I will work out all the details for you.

***Christmas, Mother’s Day, Graduation Day and Father’s Day there’s always a celebration so don’t hesitate,

book your “Girls Just wanna have fun~Bring on the Bling Online Jewelry Party ” now.

Just send me a message here and we can get started!!

Now go on start your Wish list (now added to my website~just click on the wishlist beside the add to cart button), and Plan your Party!!!

Cheers for now


**FYI, an additional 10% of all sales through these Parties will be donated  to The Arthritis Society of Canada. Please click on the link to read my story of why I am involved with this organization.