Sterling Silver Gemstone Jewelry

This page will allow you to view my full online collection of all Sterling Silver Gemstone Jewelry from around the world.

Each piece is stunning in design and adorned with beautiful faceted and cabochon Gemstones.

You can access them by the style, or, view each and everyone of them by scrolling through the pages.

In this collection I also include Shell as a Gemstone.
If you are looking for a specific gemstone for Birthday’s and Anniversary’s yet not sure which ones they are, then check out the Birthstone Chart and Wedding anniversary Chart.

If you like to go further and learn about their meanings and healing properties then click here for that information.

I think George Eliot was spot on with his quote:

“These gems have life in them: their colors speak, say what words fail of.”

~George Eliot

Enjoy ~Cindy

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