Sterling Silver Jewelry Designers

Sterling Silver Jewelry Designers

I am very proud to showcase Collections from the following Sterling Silver Jewelry Designers from around the world.

From Canada, Northwest Coast Native Sterling Silver Jewelry Designer, Nancy Dawson.

Nancy carries on the native tradition by incorporating these engravings into her Jewelry.

  • Read about Nancy and view her Collections here.


Sterling Silver Native Hummingbird in Flight Earrings and Necklace ~signed by Canada's Northwest Coast Indian Silver Designer Nancy Dawson


From Canada, Northwest Coast Native Sterling Silver Jewelry Designer Vincent Henson.  Born and raised in my own hometown, Vincent is a young Jewelry Designer with amazing talent. He apprenticed under his Aunt Nancy Dawson, so of course he learned from one of the best.

  • Read about Vincent and view his Collections here.


From Canada Northwest Coast Native Sterling Silver Jewelry Designers Vincent Henson:


From Poland, Polish Sterling Silver Jewelry Designers Boguslaw and Malgorzata Halatek.

I absolutely love their designs and am proud to showcase them.

  • See their collections here.

Sterling Silver Drop Earrings with Unique Purple Glass Pyramid Shape


From Israel are signed by the Designers themselves.  At this time I do not have their actual names.

  • You can see this collection here.


Designer Sterling Silver Watch