Wedding Anniversary Chart

Wedding Anniversary Chart

The following is a list of Gemstones and Precious Metals associated with each wedding anniversary.

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*1st Anniversary: Gold Jewelry

*2nd Anniversary: Garnet ~alternate: Rose Quartz

*3rd Anniversary: Pearls~alternate: Crystal

*4th Anniversary: Blue Topaz~alternate Amethyst

*5th Anniversary: Sapphire (all colors)~alternate: Turquoise

*6th Anniversary: Amethyst~alternate Garnet

*7th Anniversary: Onyx~alternate Copper, Lapis Lazuli

*8th Anniversary: Tourmaline (all colors)~alternate Adventurine, Bronze

*9th Anniversary: Lapis Lazuli~alternate Tigers Eye

*10th Anniversary: Diamond Jewelry~alternate Onyx

*11th Anniversary: Turquoise~alternate Hematite

*12th Anniversary: Jade ~alternate Agate,

*13th Anniversary: Citrine ~alternate  Malachite

*14th Anniversary: Opal ~alternate Gold, Ivory, Moss Agate

*15th Anniversary: Ruby ~alternate Crystal, Watch

*16th Anniversary: Peridot ~alternate Aquamarine

*17th Anniversary: Watch~alternate Amethyst, Citrine

*18th Anniversary: Cat’s Eye Chrysoberyl ~alternate Opal

*19th Anniversary: Aquamarine ~alternate Topaz

*20th Anniversary: Emerald~alternate Platinum

*21st Anniversary: Iolite

*22nd Anniversary: Spinel (all colors)

*23rd Anniversary: Imperial Topaz ~alternate Sapphire

*24th Anniversary: Tanzanite

*25th Anniversary: Sterling Silver

*30th Anniversary: Pearls~alternate Diamond, Jade

*35th Anniversary: Emerald~alternate Coral, Jade

*40th Anniversary: Ruby

*45th Anniversary: Sapphire~alternate Alexandrite

*50th Anniversary: Gold

55th Anniversary: Alexandrite ~alternate Emerald

60th Anniversary: Diamond

65th Anniversary: Star Sapphire

75th Anniversary: Diamond