Diamond-Aprils Birthstone

Diamonds, Aprils Birthstone

Diamond-Aprils Birthstone.

They are also the Gem celebrated for the 10th, 30th, 60th, and 75th Wedding Anniversary.

They say that Diamonds are a girls best friend. They are a not only beautiful but the ultimate gift for a loved one. Diamonds date back billions of years and are known to be one of the hardest substance on the globe.

No doubt they are absolutely lovely but………………

If you secretly desire the look of a large Diamond…. and…….well considering the prices can be a little expensive…..and as I do not carry Diamonds… why not consider White Topaz or Cubic Zirconia?

White Topaz from Bali is as clear as a Diamond.  It is a practical and affordable choice for the Birthstone of April. The same goes for Cubic Zirconia which in my collection come’s from Israel. They are both just as dazzling as a Diamond and at fraction of the cost. And the best is~only you will know it’s not real!!

Cubic Zirconia:

White Topaz:


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