Sterling Silver Gemstone Heart Key Pendant


  • USD: $45.63
  • EUR: €40.16
  • AUD: $59.91
  • GBP: £35.26

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Sterling Silver Gemstone Heart Key Pendant
Sterling Silver Gemstone Heart Key Pendant
Sterling Silver Gemstone Heart Key Pendant
Sterling Silver Gemstone Heart Key Pendant
Sterling Silver Gemstone Heart Key Pendant
Sterling Silver Gemstone Heart Key Pendant
Sterling Silver Gemstone Heart Key Pendant

Sterling Silver Gemstone Heart Key Pendant


  • USD: $45.63
  • EUR: €40.16
  • AUD: $59.91
  • GBP: £35.26


The key pendant is given to open new horizons and new uncharted adventures.


  • pendant measures 1.75″ long to the top of the bale by .50″ wide.
  • faceted Heart Blue Topaz measures .50″ long by .25″ wide and is ..24″ deep
  • faceted Moonstone measures .66″ long by wide and is deep.
  • small faceted Blue Topaz measures .10″ wide and is .24″ long.
  • small faceted Labradorite measures .25″ wide and is .15″ long.
  • stamped .925

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Sterling Silver Gemstone Heart Key Pendant
~Designed in Bali

3 gorgeous Gems form this lovely Sterling Silver Gemstone Heart Key Pendant

Along the top of this Pendant is a beautiful rich ski blue faceted Heart Shaped Topaz. Next you see creamy blue Moonstone, rectangular in shape. Off to the side are 2 smaller gemstones, Blue Topaz and Labradorite.

Blue Topaz

  • A lovely Gemstone celebrated for the 4th Wedding Anniversary. As it is a Topaz, it is also November’s Birthstone.
    They say it brings truth and wisdom. It aids in clear communication.Blue Topaz helps in bringing body, mind and spirit into union.


  •  A lovely Gemstone celebrated for the June Birthstone. When cut and polished moonstones show a special phenomenon known as Adularescence. This is a special light effect that seemed to change with the change in position of the stone.
    In India moonstones are considered to be holy and having magical powers and bringing good luck to the owner.
    A stone for “new beginnings”, Moonstone is a stone of inner growth and strength. It soothes emotional instability and stress, and stabilizes the emotions, providing calmness. Moonstone enhances intuition, promotes inspiration, success and good fortune in love and business matters.


  • A most spectacular Gemstone. It is mined in Canada and gets it’s name from Labrador where there is plenty. It shows an iridescence or play of colors, like the wings of tropical Butterflies.
    Each movement to this Gemstone brings out an optical phenomenon, and when the light hits the thin microscopic, semi-transparent layers of the Labradorite Gemstone, there is a phase shift.
    Labradorite is credited with having the ability to bring out the positive in people and calm overactive minds, bringing peace to its wearer.

In Far East cultures, keys are regarded as a “Good Luck” presents and a bearer of a good fortune ahead.
Ancient Asian tradition believes that a Key Pendant will open physical, intellectual, or spiritual barriers. Wearing a Key Pendant would give access to riches and treasures. The key pendant is given to open new horizons and new uncharted adventures.
In modern days, we have adopted the key as a symbol of entrusting someone with the access to one’s Heart of Hearts. The “Key to Someone’s Heart” is given in the same fashion the “Key to a City” has been given for ages. The practice of presenting a “Key to the City” to an individual can be traced back the Middle Ages when it was a symbol of the City’s intention that the recipient was free to come and go at will. Today it is considered a symbolic gesture, bestowed upon distinguished persons and honored guests for achievements of the highest importance. Giving someone the “key to your heart” will be a symbol of awarding them the highest form of trust and commitment. It is the way of saying –
“You Belong and You are Always Welcome”.

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Absolutely Fabulous  
Sandra Gillespie    May 9, 2019   Victoria Bc   

Cindy is a lovely lady and has an amazing array of gems to choose from and her studio is beautifully designed . It is very hard to make a chose so I keep coming back for more for friends and family

Tammy-Lou    February 4, 2018   Victoria BC   

A vast selection. I have purchased many pieces from the lovely Cindy, the keeper of the Double Dragon beauties. She is very conscientious in finding the perfect piece for you.

Double Dragon is my go to for jewelry  
Judy Collins    February 4, 2018   Victoria, BC   

Cindy has an amazing eye for beautiful, quality jewelry. I have purchased many pieces for myself and as gifts. Prices are very reasonable, especially on the Double Dragon VIP Facebook page. Thank you Cindy, for sharing your love of jewelry with us!

Quality and Service!  
Susan M Going    February 4, 2018   Victoria   

Best silver jewelry ever! I have purchased 8 items for myself and quite a few as gifts. I get complimented all the time on my beautiful pieces. Cindy will bend over backwards to get you exactly what you want!! Can't recommend Cindy and Double Dragon enough!!!

Lovely Jewelry  
Cheryle Robinson    February 4, 2018   Campbell River, B.C.   

I have purchased several pieces from Cindy's cite ... I must admit that every piece is high quality!!! I totally love each one... and now I am addicted ....and Cindy is always going that extra mile to be helpful.Keep up the good work have me hooked !!!

Double Dragon AAA+ Service  
Bonnie    February 3, 2018   Chilliwack   

Double Dragon has amazingly quality products ... I am fairly new to the VIP group but would rate Cindy's customer service as AAA+. Have been super happy with all purchases and especially the prompt service. Thanks Cindy😊

Love my jewellry  
Tina    February 3, 2018   Victoria   

I have bought a number of pieces from Cindy. I enjoy wearing every piece I have purchased and I have recommended her to my friends and family. Cindy has high integrity and brings in amazing pieces that r different from what I can find anywhere else. Thank you Cindy!!!

Great customer service, variety, and quality  
Tara    February 3, 2018   Prince Albert, SK   

Cindy - you seriously have something for everyone!! You have such a huge assortment of jewels - if I ever need retail therapy - I know you can be my go to girl!! Love them all - so much that I have bought the same piece twice!! Love ya!!

Favorite jewelry!  
Jackie McAvoy    February 3, 2018   Victoria, BC Canada   

I have been buying jewelry from Cindy for several years now. Since she buys from all over the world the variety is endless & her jewelry is stunning and well-made. If you love Silver and you can't find what you are looking for at the Double Dragon then you probably don't need it! Cindy sells jewelry from her heart so her service has always been second to none!

My favourite place to buy jewelry  
Laura S    February 3, 2018   Victoria   

I have purchased many pieces from Double Dragon. Some are for me and some are for gifts. They are all very loved! Thank you for bringing in such gorgeous pieces from around the world. I will continue to buy my jewelry from you. I love being part of the VIP group and getting such fabulous prices. 🙂



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