Ornate Balinese Sterling Silver Amethyst Bracelet


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Ornate Balinese Sterling Silver Amethyst Bracelet
Ornate Balinese Sterling Silver Amethyst Bracelet
Ornate Balinese Sterling Silver Amethyst Bracelet
Ornate Balinese Sterling Silver Amethyst Bracelet
Ornate Balinese Sterling Silver Amethyst Bracelet
Ornate Balinese Sterling Silver Amethyst Bracelet
Ornate Balinese Sterling Silver Amethyst Bracelet
Ornate Balinese Sterling Silver Amethyst Bracelet

Ornate Balinese Sterling Silver Amethyst Bracelet


” Amethyst is “The Stone of Spirituality”


  • bracelet measures 8.50″ long by .75″ wide along the top and .40″ wide along the band by .66″ at the top.
  • cushion cut oval Amethyst measures .33″ long by .50″ wide and is .50″ deep.
  • stamped .925



Out of Stock

Ornate Balinese Sterling Silver Amethyst Bracelet
~Designed in Bali

If you love details, quality and uniqueness then feast your eyes on this beauty. Spectacular Ornate Balinese Sterling Silver Amethyst Bracelet from Bali.
Set around this gorgeous deep purple cushion cut Amethyst Gemstone is the most intricate silver work I have ever come across in any collection of Sterling Silver Jewelry.

Looking at this Bracelet you first notice all the fine details surrounding the deep purple Amethyst Gemstone.  Ornate designs of flat circles frame this Gemstone on both sides.

Now turn it to it’s side. The Amethyst Gemstone is set quite high up on the Bracelet allowing the sides to be full of details of swirls and circles also.

Now the Bracelet. A wide substantial Balinese link shows true Artisan Craftsmanship. A strong slide in clasp with locking side mechanism assures this beauty will not fall off.

Now turn it over.  Stunning!! Polished pattern of swirls. You don’t see many pieces that show details like this along the back.

Now for the Gemstone.  A beautiful deep purple oval cushion cut Amethyst. Each facet allows the Amethyst to sparkle. It is set into a deep polished bezel and sits high and proud on this bracelet.

Amethyst is the Birthstone for February. It is also associated with the 4th, 6th, and 17th Wedding Anniversary.
“The Stone of Spirituality” Amethyst is associated with:

  • stability
  • balance
  • peace
  • courage
  • sincerity
  • inner strength
  • calm disposition

It’s often the best gem to calm and relax the nerves. The energy of Amethyst nourishes the nervous system and allows it to move into a more relaxed state. Amethyst can be useful when we are going through emotional extremes or when we feel easily thrown off balance emotionally.

A very special piece that you will be proud to wear anytime.


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The Best!!  
Susan Dignan    January 8, 2017   

All the jewellery Cindy carries is unique, beautiful and well made. I'm lucky enough to own a few pieces from her and always receive compliments when I wear them.

Title of Testimonial Beautiful Jewels  
Author *Laura Lynn    January 6, 2017   

Testimonial * I have many pieces of beautiful jewelry from Double Dragon. Each one is just gorgeous. Cindy always finds the most beautiful pieces from around the world!

very pleased the pendant is gorgeous  
sylvie    December 19, 2016   

Thank you, so very much. The crystal pendant is gorgeous I plan on wearing this everyday.
The size is nice the workmanship is awesome. Many thanks.

Spoiled for Others  
Trisha N.    November 19, 2016   

I'm in love with all of the unique, one of a kind jewelry pieces that I now have from Double Dragon Jewelry! I admit it...I am now addicted to Cindy's collections. I just received my latest shipment from one of those monthly stylist companies. In this month's box was a necklace. One look at it and I knew I was returning it. I have become spoiled by Cindy's jewelry and am so excited to continue growing my small collection of her pieces!

Title of Testimonial  
Garry Pederson    October 29, 2016   

This is the 3rd or 4th time I have ordered from Double Dragon Jewelry and once again I wasn't disappointed. The bracelet was just like it showed in the picture and the delivery was super fast. I would highly recommend Double Dragon Jewelry to anyone who likes sterling silver jewelry.


Donatella Pastura    May 28, 2016   

Dear Cindy, dear double dragon costumers and surfers,
I live in Italy and since I can't afford travelling, but I'm fond of jewellery from other parts of the world, I subscribed the newsletter last summer. Surprislingly at Christmas I found out I was the winner of the snowflake earrings and I was very pleased of that! As soon as I received them my daughters asked me to wear them and I still haven't had the oppotunity of doing it, but I'm sure I will!
They are lovely and finely made.

Catherine Andrews    May 14, 2016   

After months of searching for a specific pair of earrings for a friend, I found Cindy's site. The earrings were virtually identical to the ones we had stolen (in fact we all thought they were better finished than the original.) They were absolutely beautiful, she was ecstatic). I found Cindy to be totally honest, the product true to photos, postage well within time allowance & just an all around positive experience using this site. I would highly recommend shopping here, in fact I will be purchasing the same earrings for my sister who fell in love with these. Do yourself a favour, rather than being taken, on some of those Chinese sites, shop here.

Garry Pederson    February 11, 2016   

My girlfriend loves sterling silver jewelry and Double Dragon Jewelry has an excellent selection to choose from and with very reasonable prices. I would also like to say that that they are a very friendly and honest company to deal with. I will definitely order from them again.

Carolyn    February 10, 2016   

This shop is absolutely amazing! I love to look through this website and always find something I fall in love with, and I have adored every piece I have purchased. The personal service, the quality of the jewellery and the quick delivery is second to none. This is without a doubt, one of my favourite places to shop. Thank you Cindy, you have a customer for life!

Jackie McAvoy    January 5, 2016   

This company is awesome and so is the lady who owns it! This is an honest and trustworthy Co that you can feel good about ordering from. I do have to say when I first saw all of the jewelry I wore gold only. I have never worn silver. That has all changed since I was turned on to these gorgeous jewels & silver from all over the worldl







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