Meaning of Larimar


Larimar is a hard stone with a color palette of blue and green, with no two stones alike.

It is mined by hand up to 300 feet below ground by local families living near the mines. Due to the island’s five-month hurricane season and the time it can take to locate the veins and deposits, it’s possible for miners go months without seeing a piece of Larimar.

Although Larimar’s discovery dates back to 1916, it was a local artist in the 1970s that rediscovered the stone washed up on the shores of a remote beach. He named the stone after his daughter (Larissa) and the Spanish word for sea (mar). Naming it LariMar.

As a healing crystal for the mind and the body, Larimar works on a foundational level.

It helps one deal with stress, and the inevitable changes of life, by instilling a tranquil, harmonized serenity.

This is an ideal gemstone for artists of any kind, as it promotes constructive thought, and a free-flow of creativity.

The presence of Larimar stone is also good for emotional distress and bipolar disorder.

Its vibration will help to harmonize extremes and clarify actions.


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