Cremation Jewelry

Sterling Amethyst Cremation/Ash Pendant

Cremation Jewelry Cremation Jewelry

We all want to hold onto memories of our loved ones, and these Cremation Pendants allows us to do that. These beautiful pieces of Jewelry is a place to keep your most cherished loved ones ashes, close to your heart. Wear it as a Necklace or hang it somewhere where you will always see it.

“I have a few and keep one of mine with my Mom’s ashes in my car, hanging from the mirror. I always feel safe when she is with me. I also carry another in my purse and one in my house.  Maybe I’m crazy but I do feel comfort knowing she is always with me.”

You can use it for the ashes of your beloved Pets that have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.

You can also use this beautiful Pendant as a keepsake for Sand from places you have traveled, or, roll a prayer inside. However you choose to use this pendant~know that whatever is inside, will always bring you comfort.

These Pendants can be worn by both men and women and would make a lovely gift.

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