Sterling Silver Rings

Sterling Silver Rings

Sterling Silver Rings

I absolutely LOVE Rings!!  I’m always wearing at least 7 on my fingers at any one time.  Any less and well, I feel a little naked.

Kacey shows you that yes, you can wear has many Rings as you want~they all look fabulous together.

My collection of Sterling Silver Rings come from afar.  They come from most all the Countries I showcase my Jewelry from.  Bali, India, Israel, MexicoNepal, Polan and Thailand.  On this page I have broken my Ring selection down by size. You will be sure to find a unique and lovely selection here.

I do have many more in my collection~ones you do not see here. If you are looking for a particular size, gemstone or design,  feel free to contact me and and hopefully I will have what you are looking for.


Rings size 5.75


Rings size 6


Rings size 6.25

Rings size 6.50

Rings size 6.75


Rings size 7

Rings size 7.50

Rings size 7.75

Rings size 8

Rings size 8.25

Rings size 8.50

Rings size 9

Rings size 9.50

Rings size 12