Sterling Silver Rectangular Rainbow Moonstone Pendant


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Sterling Silver Rectangular Rainbow Moonstone Pendant


—This .925 sterling silver pendant measures slightly over 1.66″ long with the bale and .50″ wide by just over .25″ deep.

—This Rainbow Moonstone measures just over 1″ long by approximate. .40″ wide.

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Sterling Silver Rectangular Rainbow Moonstone Pendant
~Designed in India

If you have seen Rainbow Moonstone you will understand how beautiful this polished stone is.

This stone is long rectangular, and set in a stamped .925 sterling silver setting.

Moonstone has a “three-dimensional” depth of color, of white to gray with a bluish iridescent flash, which one will see clearly when playfully tilting the stone and moving it.

Tiny albite crystals within the stone provide a shimmering glow known as adularescence. Sparkling glimpses of gold, and blue, can be seen, hence the name “Rainbow Moonstone.”

The bale itself is also very beautiful. It is hinged to the pendant and then forms a fan-like design in an open filigree pattern.

You will find each piece of Moonstone jewelry very unique and lovely and almost magical to look at.

Moonstone is the Birthstone for June. Click here for the meaning of Moonstone.

Complete this look by adding  a 16″ to 24″ Sterling Silver Chain or Omega Cord to this pendant.

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