Sterling Silver Peridot Cremation-Ash Pendant


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Sterling Silver Peridot Cremation-Ash Pendant
Sterling Silver Blue Topaz Cremation Pendant

Sterling Silver Peridot Cremation-Ash Pendant


Use this Pendant for the ashes of your loved ones, or the sand from your travels or place a prayer or mantra inside.

However you use this Pendant it will keep your memories and hold them close to your Heart.


  • now larger
  • measure approximate 1.66″ long with the bale by .33″ in diameter
  • with out bale, measures 1.25″ long.
  • oval faceted Peridot Gemstone measures .25″ long by .24″ wide and is .24″ deep
  • stamped .925

Out of Stock

Sterling Silver Peridot Cremation-Ash Pendant
~Designed in Bali

We all want to hold onto memories and this Pendant allows us to do that.

This beautiful Sterling Silver Peridot Cremation-Ash Pendant is a place to keep your most cherished loved ones ashes, close to your heart. Wear it as a Necklace or hang it somewhere where you will always see it.

I have a few and keep one of mine with my Mom’s ashes in my car, hanging from the mirror. I always feel safe when she is with me.

You can use it for the ashes of your beloved Pets that have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge or as a keepsake for Sand from places you have traveled.

It can also be used as a Prayer Pendant by placing a prayer or your mantra inside.

Each one is individually hand made, with exquisite details of a beautiful raised silver work pattern throughout.   In the center is a lovely oval faceted Peridot Gemstone set in a raised bezel.

To open it up, you turn the top part which is attached to the bale.  There is a little notch and when placed to the right spot it can be opened.  This is very secure and can not be easily opened unless you don’t close it properly. The use of glue is recommend to permanently seal the pendant. We encourage using a modeling glue or epoxy to make a permanent seal.

The Bale is large and will suit either a slim chain or thick chain, omega cord or leather cord.

Can be worn by both Men and Women.

A keepsake you will cherish forever.

Peridot is the Birthstone for August and is celebrated for the 16th Anniversary.

Please click here for the meaning of this Gemstone and to see all my Peridot Jewelry.


There are 2 designs for the Cremation/ Ash Pendants.  You can see them all here.

  • This design is also available in Blue Topaz, November Birthstone. Click here to see it.


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