Northwest Coast Native Sterling Silver Jewelry Canada

Eagle Necklace by Nancy Dawson

Welcome to Canada’s Northwest Coast Native Sterling Silver Jewelry

I am so happy to include my country Canada in my Silver Jewelry Collection.Native American Zodiac Signs

Due to the fact that Canada is very well known for Northwest Coast Native Sterling Silver Jewelry, I thought it would be best to introduce designs from our very own Local Native Artist and Native Designer Nancy Dawson and her nephew Vincent Henson.

Nancy Dawson:

Nancy Dawson is an accomplished Jewelry designer/producer and wood carver. Her art is her livelihood which she approaches with constant enthusiasm and professionalism. As a result her work is actively sought by private collectors, museums, and galleries throughout North America.

Nancy was born in Alert Bay on Northern Vancouver Island in September 1954. Her mother Catherine Beans was from the Mamaleleqala-qwe-qwa-sot-enox nation on Village Island and her father Don Gesinghaus, was of German descent. Nancy credits her family for her success as an artist.

Her mother raised Nancy in the “pot latch circle” which contributed greatly to Nancy’s sound understanding of her culture. However it was through Nancy’s efforts to develop her son’s interest and understanding of Kwaguitl art that she became inspired to begin designing.

The invitation to reproduce her designs in red and yellow cedar could not, and would not be ignored. Nancy has been carving poles and masks since 1980, being invited to participate in the carving of the world’s largest totem pole which graced the 1994 Commonwealth Games in Victoria, B.C.

Nancy expanded her portfolio in 1990 to include designing and producing gold and silver Jewelry. Nancy attributes her success to her belief in producing a quality item at a good price and guaranteeing it.

Looking for challenges and opportunities to combine art with culture, and a sound understanding of the principles of business, are lessons she is sharing with her son, also a gifted carver, and her sister, as she trains both to join in her business.

Dawson has developed a lifestyle rich with creative expression; a lifestyle which includes her family and her culture.

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~Enjoy this collection of Northwest Coast Native Sterling Silver designs by Nancy Dawson


Vincent Henson:

Vincent Henson is from the Kwa kwa k’wak Nation.

Vincent was born in Victoria, B.C. on August 12, 1992. He is a very creative and artistic artist.

Vincent has been apprenticing with his aunt, Nancy Dawson, and creating his own pieces since he was 7.

~Enjoy this collection of Northwest Coast Native Sterling Silver designs by Vincent Henson