Meaning of Turquoise


Turquoise, the traditional birthstone for people born in December.

It is also the chosen Gemstone for the 5th and 11th Wedding Anniversary.

Turquoise is the stone of magic and wisdom.

It is the stone of wholeness and truth, a stone of self-forgiveness, self-acceptance, and release of useless regrets.

It carries powerful spiritual properties that align themselves to the wearer.

It is a very personal stone. When a turquoise stone is held by its owner, it becomes part of that person.

Protection. Increases energy and protects the body from negativity.

Believed to attract money, success and love.

It is known to heal health problems related to depression, throat, lungs and teeth.

Turquoise is a stone of friendship in many cultures.

Turquoise stone is an advisor of the highest order, little wonder that it was a revered as a spiritual stone by Native Americans.This stone can be used to help one learn spiritual lessons through meditation and/or dream visions.

Native Americans associated the colors of the turquoise stone with the blue sky and the green earth.

It is still seen by many today as being symbolic of mankind’s source in nature.

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