Israel Sterling Silver Jewelry

Israel Sterling Silver Jewelry

Welcome to my collection of Israel Sterling Silver Jewelry


When I first met my importers from Israel, I knew I just had to carry this exquisite line of jewelry.

I was very impressed by the quality, craftsmanship and design of each piece.
All pieces are .925 sterling silver, some with gemstones or pearls.

Each piece is individually made and many are signed by the artist.

A lovely selection of bracelets, charms, earrings, necklaces, watches, and rings.


Sterling Silver Bracelets from Israel

These Sterling Silver Bracelets from Israel are of the most beautiful quality and craftsmanship.  Wear them as one or pair them up.  I know myself I have at least 2 bracelets on at all times.

Sterling Silver and Bead Charms from Israel

When I saw these Israeli Links/Charms I was thrilled as Charm Bracelets have made a huge comeback in such a modern way. If you are not familiar with this “new age” Charm Bracelet, here’s how it works. Our bracelets come in a variety of lengths:  7″, 7.50″.

You choose your size but remember to leave extra space for the charms.

Each bracelet has 4 stopper sections, so if you prefer a bracelet with up to 7 charms you will need 2 stoppers, and for a full bracelet you will need 4 stoppers, this can be decided upon at a later date. Click here to view our Israel Link Bracelets for sale.

Now let the fun begin. Choose your own personal Charms, mix them with glass, or gems with silver. It’s all up to you. These charms can also be used with Pandora Charm Bracelet.

Sterling Silver Earrings from Israel

A wonderful collection of .925 sterling silver earrings, signed by the Israeli artists, and embellished with beautiful gems and stones. If you are looking for sets, some do have the matching necklaces or can be paired with something very similar. The quality is truly magnificent and the prices are still so affordable. A warning though-most items I have in stock are “one only”, so don’t hesitate if you plan to order.

Sterling Silver Necklaces from Israel

You will love our wonderful collection of .925 sterling silver necklaces from Israel. Some are big and bold and others are simply classic with each piece signed by the artists and embellished with beautiful gems and stones. The Israelis have such great design, and the quality of the silver work is exceptional.

Sterling Silver Rings from Israel

Oh how I love Rings and I am sure you will agree with me after you see these Stunning pieces from Israel.  Like many of Israel designs, some are signed ny the Designer themselves.

Sterling Silver Watches from Israel

I first bought these Sterling Silver Watches from Israel 8 years ago. The designs are exquisite, the quality is amazing, the patterns are beautiful. Not only are these beautiful watches, they also act as a sterling silver bracelet. I have acquired 4 different styles for myself loving every one of them, and boy do I ever get the compliments.

All Israel watches are .925 sterling silver with stainless steel backs and have batteries. They come with a 1 year warranty. The face plates are brushed sterling silver or Mother of Pearl and certain designs are embellished with gems, stones or pearls. Most watches are signed by the Artists, and will say so in the description if they do.

When I visit my Importer from Israel they display a watch in a vase of water. I decided to try this myself~and yes they are completely waterproof.

If you are looking for a “timeless” gift for that special lady you may want to consider one of these beautiful signed watches from Israel.