Sterling Silver Gemstone Jewelry from India

Welcome to my collection of Sterling Silver Gemstone Jewelry from India

gemstone sterling silver jewelry


When I found this stunning collection of Gemstone Sterling Silver Jewelry from India-I was very excited.

I love how each Designer uses the most beautiful cuts of stones and gems and encases them in such beautiful sterling silver designs.

Each piece is handmade one of a kind, so if you see a one that you love, please be sure not to miss out on it.


Sterling Silver Bracelets from India

I found this selection of Sterling Silver Bangles and Bracelets from India not only durable but very stylish. Wear them as one, or mix them up with two or three or more-it’s all about style and fun so go with it!

Sterling Silver Earrings from India

This collection of Sterling Silver Earrings from India will certainly suit your needs when it comes to finding something either for casual wear or for a special occasion.

Sterling Silver Pendants from India

Again casual wear or a special occasion you will find that perfect Sterling silver Pendant from India here.

Sterling Silver Rings from India

I can’t say enough about these Sterling Silver Rings from India~gorgeous!!