Bali Sterling Silver Jewelry

Bali Sterling Silver Jewelry

Welcome to my collection of Bali Sterling Silver Jewelry.


The Balinese truly put the land and ocean into their Sterling Silver Jewelry designs.


They use beautiful shells, white and black-lip Mother of Pearl, and pretty blue/green Abalone. Corals that are deep red, soft brown and blue, and wood that is lightweight, warm and natural. The fresh water pearls are stunningly beautiful in tones of white, soft pink and deep purple/blue tones.

Their Gemstones are faceted beautifully to show absolute brilliance.

All pieces are handcrafted, high quality .925 sterling silver.

Each one of our jewels are handmade one of a kind, so if you see a piece that you love, please be sure not to miss out on it.


Sterling Silver Bracelets from Bali

Bracelets are one of the must haves in the summertime when wearing a short sleeve top or t-shirt. They are also a perfect accessories for any holiday season.

Sterling Silver Earrings from Bali

I am so pleased to offer this beautiful collection of sterling silver earrings from Bali. You will find earrings that are all silver and others embellished with Gemstones, Shell and Coral.

Sterling Silver Pendants from Bali

In this collection of Sterling Silver Pendants from Bali, I have a variety of Unique and Wonderful Designs.
Some of the designs are all Sterling Silver while others are inset with Beautiful Amethyst, Peridot, Moonstone, White Topaz, Black Onyx, Citrine, Blue Topaz, and Tourmaline Gemstones. There are also stunning pieces made with colored Abalone, Red Coral, Black Shell and Mother of Pearl. Many are one of a kind pieces so view them now before they are gone.

Sterling Silver Rings from Bali

I love Rings and when I saw these beauties I just about did a cartwheel.  So intricately beautiful.

Pearls from Bali

Our Freshwater Pearls come from the Oceans surrounding Bali. Each size and shape of Pearl is just a little different from the other. The colors are creamy white, peachy pink, champagne and a deep purple blue.