An Interview with Krystyna, my Polish Jewelry Importer

Jewelry from Poland. An Interview with Krystyna, my Polish Jewelry Importer

It was about 8 years ago when I met Krystyna my Jewelry Importer from Poland. I have carried her pieces since then and look forward to our visits.

Twice a year Krystyna comes to my home and shows me all her beautiful Sterling Silver Jewelry from Poland. She makes her yearly trips to her homeland Poland and to visit her family and bring back some wonderful and very whimsical pieces.

What I loved so much about her Jewelry was the detail and quality were exceptional yet her prices, are so very affordable.

I thought it would be interesting to interview Krystyna.

We don’t use Skype so this interview took place through the old fashion method of question and answer by email, asking her what our customers have been asking us.

I particularly enjoyed reading her answers as I could hear her Polish accent in my mind.

  • Q-What brought you to this line of business and what exactly do you specialize in? Do you Import or Export?
  • A-Import of Jewellery and Crafts from Poland for over 20 years. Poland could offer interesting, unusual items, different from what was on the Canadian market.
  • Q-Are you yourself from Poland?
  • A-Yes
  • Q-If so, do you live there full time or part time? Can you tell us where you live? How much and where you travel to?
  • A-I live in Canada now, going to Poland once a year to see what’s new in my suppliers and look for new products.
  • Q-Please explain the quality of silver and gems and stones that our customers will find with your Jewelry.
  • A-Sterling silver and Amber or plain sterling silver, but also artists who use glass mixed with sterling silver, synthetic stones or real gem stones.
  • Q-Do you yourself make or design the Jewelry?
  • A-Sometimes, but mostly Artists on their own.
  • Q-Is there anything you can tell me about these designers?
  • A-I work with many different companies and they have sometimes more than one designer-both men and woman.
  • Q-Are they self taught silversmiths or learn this elsewhere?
  • A-Some of them finish highest Art Schools and were teached by well known artists-teachers.
  • Q-Is this a business that supports themselves and their families or is it mostly a hobby for them?
  • A-Those are all businesses supporting them and their families
  • Q -Does Sterling Silver Jewelry have to be stamped .925 in your Country to export it?
  • A-Yes
  • Q-I have bought Baltic Amber from you and love those pieces. Can you give me some details about Amber?
  • A-Fossilized resin from tree, 40 to 60 million years old. Amber is used in jewellery, as ingredient of perfume but also is believed to have medicinal purposes. In ancient world was used as amulet and very precious medicine.
  • Q-When an order comes to you -how long does it take for that item to be completed then sent out to the retailer?
  • A-If is in the stock could be send next day. If needs to be order from Poland a few weeks.
  • Q-Are your designs constantly changing and how often?
  • A-There is always something new in each company, probably we can say twice, three times a year.
  • Q-Can something be re-ordered if it is no longer being made?
  • A-Depends what. Some of the designers will still make the jewelry customer desires.
  • Q-What are your most favorite pieces?
  • A-Pieces from artist designers Malgorzata and Boguslaw Halatek
  • Q-What are the best sellers?
  • A-All the Amber Jewellery and Impres Art (from artists above)
  • Q-Do you have any future plans?
  • A-Hopely grow to new interesting products and designs, but keeping in the Polish origin.
  • Q-Is there anything you would like to add that you feel is important for me to include in this interview?
  • A-Sorry about my English.

Awe and that I love.

Thank you Krystyna!

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